Every new client is like a puzzle…often many healthy habits are in place but we need to analyze and tweak what is not working or detrimental to their success. The basic program is a personalized plan based on your food preferences, daily routine and goals that covers all the crucial components of a healthy, lean, and thriving body. We cover what to eat as well as when and how to it, which are the key concepts to success. Whether you have tried it all diet-wise, are confused with all the information out there, or need a fresh start, this is the perfect program for you if:

  • You think that you are eating healthy and doing “all the right things” but the
    weight doesn’t budge, your cravings are running your life, or your energy is
    less than optimal.
  • Your hectic work and life schedule leaves you snacking constantly and
    overwhelmed with the task of preparing healthy meal.
  • You behave during the week but over-do it on the weekend, making your
    body horde fat.
  • Past diets and tricks don’t work anymore.

This package has four 45-minute session and includes handouts and homework.

Each week will be focusing on a new topic and building on what we learned the
previous week.

This program is not another diet. It is a new way of thinking, of understanding
how foods affect our biochemistry, of pruning away patterns, habits, and foods
that sabotage your goals…so you can finally blossom into that vibrant,
magnetic, and graceful version of you.