Master your metabolism, cravings, and weight in 10 days

You can master your metabolism, cravings, and weight, as well as increase your energy and clear your  skin in just 10 days.
I have been working on this baby for a while, waiting for the right time and my body’s green light to finally launch it…and here it is!!!!
I have poured all of my knowledge, client feedback, and best tricks into this very affordable and potent experience.
And best of all…it is ridiculously easy, fun, and delicious. 
I am lazy by nature, and so are many of my clients, so I really wanted to create a spring reboot that would finally bring success and juiciness to all of you who sabotage yourselves regularly, have all the excuses in the world, or are just plain lazy.
Just to be clear though, lazy does not mean un-motivated, un-inspired, or un-willing. It just means that many diets and “must-do” items in your life threaten your need for freedom, pleasure, and fun.
I have an unbreakable desire for a healthy body and for showing up bigger in my life, but I also recognize that willpower can only get me so far, and that to reach my goals, I need to honor my natural laziness, and make the steps to success utterly irresistible and easy to implement.
That’s why I created this program, so you can drop the excuses of not having enough time, family visiting, not knowing how to cook, too hard, too depriving, not the right time, not for you, etc.
Do you think you don’t need a reboot in the spring? Think again.
We are all under chronic stress, environmental toxins overload, and damaging food choices. Most of us are addicted to something (sugar, salt, caffeine, carbs, meds), don’t sleep well, are chronically anxious or depressed, or can’t shed the weight no matter what we try.
After a long winter, your lymph is most likely congested, your liver exhausted, and your middle a little rounder than before. Spring gives you a chance to reboot as your body begs you to lighten up, de-clutter, and change.
I am making it easy, fun, and result-oriented for you. Like a “staycation”. Give yourself the gift of slowing down, eating for optimum metabolism and energy, and kicking your cravings to the curb, lazy French style!
The best part? Because there is no “diet”, there is no “quitting”, or “failing”…
Now you can stop blaming yourself, your genes, or the food industry, and JUST GET IT DONE!
Why the Lazy French Reboot is different from other programs:
  • You learn the critical and scientific facts behind the French’s lean physiques.
  • You benefit from the slimming and energizing properties of raw foods (even if this is NOT a raw detox).
  • You implement hands-on, easy and quick, tools to nip self-sabotage and resistance right of the bat!

Simplicity…The Easiest And Fastest Way To A Perfect Body

There is still way too much snow on the ground here in MA, but I can feel the subtle changes happening in my body that signal that winter is on its way out.

After months of needing to eat, eat, eat to stay warm, no desire to juice at all, a ravenous appetite for all things “stew-like” and a need to have multiple courses to feel satisfied, I suddenly lost my rabid appetite, feel much calmer, and am now craving simplicity in my meals and my life.

You see, after years of learning to tune in to my body’s rhythm and needs, I have a very keen awareness of the subtle shifts that seem to happen here and there. And it’s with relief that I welcome the end of the “blubber months”. I can’t fight my body or its need to keep me warm and healthy; in its broken and “misfiring” ways, it is doing what it is built to do: keep me alive. Winter and cold mean only one thing for it: the need to maintain adequate body temperature, which only means accumulating as much fat as possible.

This is one of the main concepts I teach clients: you cannot go against your body’s safety mechanism. But that’s a different discussion for another time. Right now, I want to touch on the need for simplicity that the upcoming of spring can trigger, and why it is your ticket to a much healthier and leaner self…and a lot less challenges and frustrations.

A common reason for failure in dieting and healthier living stems from the complicated nature of some diets/plans/protocols.When it comes to weight and health, things can get really complicated. All you have to do is turn on the TV, google anything, or pick up magazines, and you will be inundated with information that usually contradict one another, leaving you overwhelm and confused.

Take thyroid disease for example. When I was researching the disease for myself, it was mind boggling that much of the information out there was very complex and different from one source to another. Some protocols I tried even made me really sick. It took a while to get it right.

The problem is that confusion and information overload create paralysis (you don’t do anything about it) and despair (now you are really depressed and beating yourself up for your lack of action).

The answer to this problem is simplicity!

When you start craving simplicity, it is a sign that you are ready to surrender, stop endless researching (otherwise know as Google addiction), and let go of your need to make it complicated, so you can start shedding the pounds and lowering your stress levels.

With simple meals, simple steps, and a simplified life, people are more likely to get started on their goals, as well as keep up the good work in the long term, instead of ditching it because it got too complicated or too demanding.

My experience has also been that when I get into “simplify” mode, I am much calmer, feel lighter, am more focused, and am more likely to feel full faster after a meal. It is the beauty of a detox program, where all the foods are laid out simply, where you know exactly what you will eat, and where everything is so easy to assemble. Having a simple plan for a simple lifestyle for a week can do wonders to balance your hormones, lower your stress levels, and help your body release winter weight. If done right, they are like a magical reset button.

What can you simplify in your life right now? Do you need to stop analyzing everything and start living, surrendering, and lightening up?

Feel it come naturally with the energy of spring…and act on it!