Master your metabolism, cravings, and weight in 10 days

You can master your metabolism, cravings, and weight, as well as increase your energy and clear your  skin in just 10 days.
I have been working on this baby for a while, waiting for the right time and my body’s green light to finally launch it…and here it is!!!!
I have poured all of my knowledge, client feedback, and best tricks into this very affordable and potent experience.
And best of all…it is ridiculously easy, fun, and delicious. 
I am lazy by nature, and so are many of my clients, so I really wanted to create a spring reboot that would finally bring success and juiciness to all of you who sabotage yourselves regularly, have all the excuses in the world, or are just plain lazy.
Just to be clear though, lazy does not mean un-motivated, un-inspired, or un-willing. It just means that many diets and “must-do” items in your life threaten your need for freedom, pleasure, and fun.
I have an unbreakable desire for a healthy body and for showing up bigger in my life, but I also recognize that willpower can only get me so far, and that to reach my goals, I need to honor my natural laziness, and make the steps to success utterly irresistible and easy to implement.
That’s why I created this program, so you can drop the excuses of not having enough time, family visiting, not knowing how to cook, too hard, too depriving, not the right time, not for you, etc.
Do you think you don’t need a reboot in the spring? Think again.
We are all under chronic stress, environmental toxins overload, and damaging food choices. Most of us are addicted to something (sugar, salt, caffeine, carbs, meds), don’t sleep well, are chronically anxious or depressed, or can’t shed the weight no matter what we try.
After a long winter, your lymph is most likely congested, your liver exhausted, and your middle a little rounder than before. Spring gives you a chance to reboot as your body begs you to lighten up, de-clutter, and change.
I am making it easy, fun, and result-oriented for you. Like a “staycation”. Give yourself the gift of slowing down, eating for optimum metabolism and energy, and kicking your cravings to the curb, lazy French style!
The best part? Because there is no “diet”, there is no “quitting”, or “failing”…
Now you can stop blaming yourself, your genes, or the food industry, and JUST GET IT DONE!
Why the Lazy French Reboot is different from other programs:
  • You learn the critical and scientific facts behind the French’s lean physiques.
  • You benefit from the slimming and energizing properties of raw foods (even if this is NOT a raw detox).
  • You implement hands-on, easy and quick, tools to nip self-sabotage and resistance right of the bat!

Top 5 Hormone Balancing Foods

Hormonal imbalances are one of the top reasons people are not feeling their best and lacking in the vitality department, not to mention weight issues. I’ll tell you about my top 5 foods to balance your hormones later in this post.

But first, let’s talk ass-kicking!

If you follow me on social media (and you should!), you probably have seen me post quite a bit about making the decision to take action and create change in your life…for real this time!

I participated in a 3-day workshop last week where I got my little tush seriously kicked, and my commitment levels whipped into shape. This was NOT 50 Shades Of Grey style, this was bootcamp style, highly unpleasant, and brutal. But guess what? I needed that. All of my excuses were torn to pieces, and I was forced to make a choice, commit as if my life depended on it (because it does; self-sabotaging is like a slow death). I left the event with a roaring fire in my belly, and an unwavering commitment to “shape up” and stop tolerating bad behaviors on my part, and in my immediate environment.

So I want to ask you this:

what is it going to take for you to stop tolerating the habits, actions, excuses you use everyday to avoid reaching your goal? How painful does it have to get for you to make changes? Do you avoid feeling the pain by numbing yourself with food, booze, shopping, or internet surfing?

I could tell you what to do until I am blue in the face, but if your commitment to yourself isn’t 100% there, you will fail over and over and blame it on me, life, others, etc. SHAPE UP!

On that note, if you have been on the fence about doing a VIP Day with me, this is a not-so-friendly reminder that you only have until the end of this week to grab one at 40% off. I won’t offer it again in that format and at that discount.

Are you feeling the heat yet? Speaking of heat, hormonal imbalance is not just about PMS, loss of libido, or only women issues. Adrenal, thyroid, and blood sugar imbalances are even bigger players in the quest for health. I know, I spent the last 2 years restoring mine without medication, and today they are no longer issues.

Top 5 Hormonal Balancing Foods For Optimal Weight, Energy, and Juiciness:

  • Kale: THE ultimate wonder food. Enjoy it raw, cooked, blended, or juiced!
  • Chia seeds: for omega 3 fats, endurance boost, and blood sugar balance
  • Broccoli sprouts: contains DIM (or diiindolilmethane), a powerful nutrient that assist in balancing hormones
  • Turmeric: helps balance both female and male hormones and is one of the most powerful liver cleansers.
  • Brazil nuts: contain selenium, healthy for the thyroid and to increase progesterone levels (you only need 2/day)

Just commit to adding these 5 foods into your diet every day, and go from there. Don’t know how? Ask me!

When you balance your hormones, you get to be slim, fit, turned on, and energized…well worth a try.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Raw Food

Since discovering raw food and using it to heal myself of an autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, and a myriad of other unpleasant symptoms, I have been constantly researching and experimenting with the raw food lifestyle. I can claim to own most raw food books out there, have attended many conferences, and have had the privilege to eat at many great raw food restaurants.

The raw food movement, just like the gluten free movement, is gathering momentum, and more and more people are curious and eager to jump on the bandwagon.

However, an attempt at a raw food diet can be your BFF, or more like a crazy old boyfriend, the one that leaves you emotional, frustrated, and feeling like a loser.

It can be the key to success you have been waiting for to finally lose the weight, ditch your gut issues, or crank up your libido, or another diet failure. It can be used short-term as needed (such as a cleanse), or long-term as part of your lifestyle. You need to make it work for YOU.

The goal for me was never to be 100% raw, although I was pretty close when I was healing.

Whatever your goal might be in trying out a raw food diet, here is the dirt on “going raw”:

  • Don’t overdo nuts, seeds, and fruits. Many recipes call for a huge amount of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits such as dates. There was a time when I would order nuts and dates by the case. It is too much fat and sugar combined. Although I am a big advocate to bring healthy fats back into our diets, too much fat is hard to digest, can make you feel sluggish, and won’t help your weight loss goals. Too much sugar from dried and fresh fruits will lead to blood sugar imbalances, and will turn to fat if not used up by the body. You will need to exercise more to burn this extra sugar.
  • Be careful that you don’t deprive your body of carbohydrates. Raw vegetables and salads are very rich in alkalizing nutrients but contain very little carbs, your fuel for the day. It may seem great for weight loss but if you are tired, you need more energy.
  • Do blend your greens. For some people, greens can be hard to digest, especially if not chewed properly, so to get the most nutrient bang for your buck, blend or juice your greens regularly, by making smoothies, green juices, or raw soups.
  • Know your body. It’s not about labeling yourself (raw, vegan, paleo), or doing what someone else tells you to do. It is about recognizing what is working and what is not. If you are tired, putting on weight (or losing too much), cold, uninspired, or famished, it is NOT working for you. Find someone who understand what you are trying to achieve and can help you get there. Just because nuts and seeds are on the healthy list doesn’t mean YOUR body can assimilate and thrive on them.
  • Know the HOW, WHY, and WHEN. Our bodies have their own biorhythms  and are constantly changing. There is an optimal time and an optimal way to consume the various foods in a day. This knowledge will make a significant difference in your results. Once you understand how your body works, you will be more empowered to make changes as your body won’t fight you.

Bottom line, if you have been consumed consuming mostly cooked foods and too much animal proteins, are lacking in energy, vibrancy, and libido, or are plague by health issues, you could benefit from introducing more raw food into your life.

Experiment, keep it playful and curious, and let your body lead the way.

Juicing For Weight Loss

I just came back from a wonderful week in Arizona, where it felt more like summer than spring…Hot! Hot! Hot!

The weather of course, but also the 200+ women attending Kendall Summerhawk’s LEAP event. I am always amazed at the level of courage, power, and energy that they bring to the room. Quite a few entrepreneurs brought their daughters with them, to give them a taste of what drive, commitment, and passion can accomplish…I have a few years before I can bring my daughter along, but what an incredible way to show her what’s possible!

Now the first thing I do when traveling is figure out where to get green juices. Travels are notorious to make you feel “stuck up”, bloated, and tired. Green juices will solve all of those issues and much more.

Not to be overly dramatic here, but I feel that juicing saved my life. It is a big part of some cancer clinics protocols, so it is clearly an extraordinary tool to add to your life.


  • Fresh organic green juice is the equivalent of a nutrient-express train. Most of us have such impaired digestion and candida overgrowth in our gut that even with a “healthy” diet, most critical nutrients just don’t get absorbed. Juicing will deliver the nutrients straight into your bloodstream. Good to have on hand if you are not sure what your next meal will look like.
  • Provides you with a wider variety of vegetables, increasing the diversity of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you ingest. Let’s face it, most of us only consume the white life-less version of lettuce offered in salad bars, and broccoli. Beyond that, we miss out on all the great nutrients available in ALL of nature’s vegetable bounty.
  • Incredible health benefits. Green juices are highly alkalizing, improving your digestion, energy, and mental sharpness. And as mentioned above, heavy juicing is used as part of the healing protocol of several cancer clinics. You can read more about my visit at the cancer clinic Oasis Of Healing here.
  • Superior weight loss tool! It is my number one weapon for fat destruction! Seriously, if losing weight is your top priority, adding green juices will help you drop the pounds faster than anything else.
  • Finally, green juices help your body move out toxins. We are bombarded by toxins in our daily lives. These toxins affects our health, hormones, and fat cells. And it is not just about us grown ups. Studies are now showing hundreds of chemicals in the umbilical cords of babies.

It is becoming easier and easier to consume green juices nowadays, as more and more companies are providing them. I still recommend getting a juicer if you are serious about your health and weight, but you can at least try them out and see for yourself that they can taste good, be filling, and easy to grab on-the-go.

One word of caution as green juices spring everywhere around you: make sure the ingredients are organic, and that the first ingredient is NOT fruit, or it will contain too much sugar.

Now, because it is spring and most of you are already feeling the urge to spring cleanse your home and body, I created an easy but important guide around toxins in your home, kitchen, bathroom, and food, to help you lighten up your toxic load.

You can’t try to fix your health, hormones, weight, or anything else that needs “fixing” without understanding how much toxicity is in your life and body.

So take advantage of this free resource: The Reality Of Optimal Weight & Energy