8 Easy Tips (That Work!) To Avoid Gaining Weight This Season

The holidays are in full swing. It is all white and sparkly here in New England and I can feel the cooking/baking seasonal fever taking over!

So many recipes to try, so many creations to come up with, so much chocolate to play with. I have to work at NOT hyperventilating with all the ideas and requests coming my way.

So for me, spending a lot of time in the kitchen means eating more than usual because I test-taste constantly…and it does add up. More entertaining also means more food than my body can gracefully handle. Bummer!

But it doesn’t have to get ugly. You CAN navigate the holidays with grace, a strong digestion, and a calm nervous system. Here are my best strategies that you can use right now, so you don’t have to make yet another weight loss New Year resolution, ’cause weight loss is NOT a hobby!

  • Start your day with warm water and lemon juice, using a straw to protect your teeth enamel. Glass straws make a great gift!
  • Consume a digestive helper smoothie as needed.
  • Eat when you’re hungry. This obvious but easily forgotten and replaced by “it’s lunch time” habits.
  • Eat sitting down and without distraction.
  • Eat what your body actually wants and needs, not what YOU want.
  • Eat until you are feeling satisfied but not full.
  • Think quality over quality. Swoon, hum and ah over the color, vibrancy, and freshness of your food.
  • Eat with gusto and pleasure!!!