Get your superfood on! Introducing Scoop…

In my two years in practice, I have been approached relentlessly by representatives for Isagenix, BeachBody, Arbonne, and a slew of other companies I can’t even remember. It is a crazy market for “nutraceutical” products, and everyone wants a share of it.

But every time I looked into the products or company practices, I could not get on board for two different reasons: I believe that people need to stop relying on shakes and powders to sustain them (bodies need REAL food to thrive), and most of the products mentioned above have ingredients in them I would never feed my body, no matter what marketing gimmick they use to try to convince me.

Additionally, my clients rely on me to do the research for them and trust my judgement, so I never thought it was worth the couple of dollars I might make on selling these shakes and protein powders.

However, I “get” that most of you have a real need for some affordable and easy ways to get your greens and nutrients in, and that time in the kitchen can be tough with life, kids, work, or travel. With my genetic issues with nutrient absorption and poor mitochondria health, I do too.

Now the wait is over…you can now get your superfood on in one convenient and awesome product from a small company in Boulder, Colorado.

Let me introduce you to SKOOP and their amazing A-Game superfood blend!

I have been using A-Game for a few weeks now, as my incredibly sensitive and discerning body is my best lab to test out products (I can’t tell you how many protein powders have made me vomit!), and I love it, especially in this bitter winter when juicing isn’t always a good option.

Not to mention that I can get my greens, adaptogens, fiber, omega 3s, antioxidants, enzymes, and probiotics in ONE serving, instead of cluttering my counter with dozens of products. Hell yeah!

Here are the reasons I use A-Game and feel that I can endorse it:

  • It is a powerful way to put superfoods to work for you. The 41 plant-based ingredients have been thoughtfully selected to work synergistically with each other.
  • It is anti-oxidant-rich, micro and phytonutrient-dense (versus macro) to help you fight inflammation and acidic build-up while helping with energy, productivity, and resilience.
  • For those who have a hard time consuming or digesting greens, it covers your basics, as each serving has the equivalent of 10 servings of vegetables.
  • I love that this product contains adaptogens has all of us experience chronic stress and I am a big fan of adaptogen to support your nervous system and hormones.
  • Added bonus: enzymes and probiotics.
  • No fillers, gluten, dairy, corn, artificial sweeteners, colorants, or other unsavory ingredients. You still need to check the ingredients list to see if you are sensitive to some of the fruits or vegetables used.
  • It is palatable, not a chalky goo.
  • It is versatile. There are many ways to consume your A-Game. I have put it in warm water, almond milk, chia pudding, cookies, and oatmeal.

What it is NOT:

  • A-Game is NOT a protein shake (Skoop is working on a protein powder product), it is a superfood blend designed to flood your body with the nutrients, enzymes, and fiber that it needs. You can get your protein through the vehicle you use to take your A-Game, such as a nut-based smoothie or nut milk, or chia/quinoa pudding.
  • It does NOT replace a meal (enough already with the powdered meal replacements that your body CANNOT digest); it enhances and assist with digestive, cognitive, and healing functions.
  •  It is NOT an excuse to go binge on pizza ’cause you had your A-Game earlier on…

What I could do without:

  • Stevia. If you are on sugar free diet, this makes it tough for you to take A-Game, and some people react to stevia.
  • Xantham gum.

But ultimately, as powders go, this is the one for me.

Finally, to help you decide for yourself, here is a table the company put together. To their credit, they didn’t even bother with the worst offenders, such as Isagenix which contains gluten, soy, additives, and corn.

And remember that no matter which green superfood powder you introduce to your body, start with a fourth or half the single serving and monitor how your body feels. These powders are best consumed in the morning and outside of heavy meals.

Grab your own supply at a discounted price HERE!

The Dos And Don’ts Of Raw Food

Since discovering raw food and using it to heal myself of an autoimmune disease, thyroid disease, and a myriad of other unpleasant symptoms, I have been constantly researching and experimenting with the raw food lifestyle. I can claim to own most raw food books out there, have attended many conferences, and have had the privilege to eat at many great raw food restaurants.

The raw food movement, just like the gluten free movement, is gathering momentum, and more and more people are curious and eager to jump on the bandwagon.

However, an attempt at a raw food diet can be your BFF, or more like a crazy old boyfriend, the one that leaves you emotional, frustrated, and feeling like a loser.

It can be the key to success you have been waiting for to finally lose the weight, ditch your gut issues, or crank up your libido, or another diet failure. It can be used short-term as needed (such as a cleanse), or long-term as part of your lifestyle. You need to make it work for YOU.

The goal for me was never to be 100% raw, although I was pretty close when I was healing.

Whatever your goal might be in trying out a raw food diet, here is the dirt on “going raw”:

  • Don’t overdo nuts, seeds, and fruits. Many recipes call for a huge amount of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits such as dates. There was a time when I would order nuts and dates by the case. It is too much fat and sugar combined. Although I am a big advocate to bring healthy fats back into our diets, too much fat is hard to digest, can make you feel sluggish, and won’t help your weight loss goals. Too much sugar from dried and fresh fruits will lead to blood sugar imbalances, and will turn to fat if not used up by the body. You will need to exercise more to burn this extra sugar.
  • Be careful that you don’t deprive your body of carbohydrates. Raw vegetables and salads are very rich in alkalizing nutrients but contain very little carbs, your fuel for the day. It may seem great for weight loss but if you are tired, you need more energy.
  • Do blend your greens. For some people, greens can be hard to digest, especially if not chewed properly, so to get the most nutrient bang for your buck, blend or juice your greens regularly, by making smoothies, green juices, or raw soups.
  • Know your body. It’s not about labeling yourself (raw, vegan, paleo), or doing what someone else tells you to do. It is about recognizing what is working and what is not. If you are tired, putting on weight (or losing too much), cold, uninspired, or famished, it is NOT working for you. Find someone who understand what you are trying to achieve and can help you get there. Just because nuts and seeds are on the healthy list doesn’t mean YOUR body can assimilate and thrive on them.
  • Know the HOW, WHY, and WHEN. Our bodies have their own biorhythms  and are constantly changing. There is an optimal time and an optimal way to consume the various foods in a day. This knowledge will make a significant difference in your results. Once you understand how your body works, you will be more empowered to make changes as your body won’t fight you.

Bottom line, if you have been consumed consuming mostly cooked foods and too much animal proteins, are lacking in energy, vibrancy, and libido, or are plague by health issues, you could benefit from introducing more raw food into your life.

Experiment, keep it playful and curious, and let your body lead the way.