Simplicity…The Easiest And Fastest Way To A Perfect Body

There is still way too much snow on the ground here in MA, but I can feel the subtle changes happening in my body that signal that winter is on its way out.

After months of needing to eat, eat, eat to stay warm, no desire to juice at all, a ravenous appetite for all things “stew-like” and a need to have multiple courses to feel satisfied, I suddenly lost my rabid appetite, feel much calmer, and am now craving simplicity in my meals and my life.

You see, after years of learning to tune in to my body’s rhythm and needs, I have a very keen awareness of the subtle shifts that seem to happen here and there. And it’s with relief that I welcome the end of the “blubber months”. I can’t fight my body or its need to keep me warm and healthy; in its broken and “misfiring” ways, it is doing what it is built to do: keep me alive. Winter and cold mean only one thing for it: the need to maintain adequate body temperature, which only means accumulating as much fat as possible.

This is one of the main concepts I teach clients: you cannot go against your body’s safety mechanism. But that’s a different discussion for another time. Right now, I want to touch on the need for simplicity that the upcoming of spring can trigger, and why it is your ticket to a much healthier and leaner self…and a lot less challenges and frustrations.

A common reason for failure in dieting and healthier living stems from the complicated nature of some diets/plans/protocols.When it comes to weight and health, things can get really complicated. All you have to do is turn on the TV, google anything, or pick up magazines, and you will be inundated with information that usually contradict one another, leaving you overwhelm and confused.

Take thyroid disease for example. When I was researching the disease for myself, it was mind boggling that much of the information out there was very complex and different from one source to another. Some protocols I tried even made me really sick. It took a while to get it right.

The problem is that confusion and information overload create paralysis (you don’t do anything about it) and despair (now you are really depressed and beating yourself up for your lack of action).

The answer to this problem is simplicity!

When you start craving simplicity, it is a sign that you are ready to surrender, stop endless researching (otherwise know as Google addiction), and let go of your need to make it complicated, so you can start shedding the pounds and lowering your stress levels.

With simple meals, simple steps, and a simplified life, people are more likely to get started on their goals, as well as keep up the good work in the long term, instead of ditching it because it got too complicated or too demanding.

My experience has also been that when I get into “simplify” mode, I am much calmer, feel lighter, am more focused, and am more likely to feel full faster after a meal. It is the beauty of a detox program, where all the foods are laid out simply, where you know exactly what you will eat, and where everything is so easy to assemble. Having a simple plan for a simple lifestyle for a week can do wonders to balance your hormones, lower your stress levels, and help your body release winter weight. If done right, they are like a magical reset button.

What can you simplify in your life right now? Do you need to stop analyzing everything and start living, surrendering, and lightening up?

Feel it come naturally with the energy of spring…and act on it!

Winter+Detox = Frustration!

This week, I want to address something that may really help you out. If you follow me, you probably have a strong interest in cleanses and detoxes, and may have already done a few of them, even some juice fasts.

I decided to tackle the issue of detoxing in the month of January, February, and even March as I have received quite a few emails and phone calls from both men and women feeling highly FRUSTRATED.

Their New Year Resolution freshly tattooed in their brain, lured by front page covers in popular magazines, and armed with as much willpower as they could muster, they bought, downloaded, or signed up for some version of a “detox”…only to end up with MORE weight than they started with, and feeling angry, frustrated, and confused.

So the conversation with me goes something like this:
” Anne, you are a strong proponent of detoxing, it is a big part of your message, well I am here to tell you that it doesn’t work. It makes things worse! (Insert belligerent tone here)”.

Me: “You are right. It does not work. BECAUSE IT IS STILL WINTER!
Hear this as it is very important: although I am a big fan and advocate of “detoxing” twice a year, I am an even bigger advocate of listening to your body and respecting its needs and biorhythm, which means that attempting to cleanse in the dead of winter if you don’t live somewhere hot and sunny is like trying to wake up a hibernating bear: not your most brilliant (or safe) idea.

Simply put, you are going AGAINST your body’s effort to keep your core body temperature where it needs to be, maintain a strong immune system against all the winter bugs, and balance your hormones to minimize winter blues. It has no time or desire to detox right now and is not thinking about how “bikini-ready” you need to be for your upcoming trip to Barbados. It is thinking the more blubber on her, the better.

Instead, here is what you can do to set you up for success when spring comes around (and you feel your body ready and willing):

  • Start removing sugar, caffeine, and processed junk from your diet and start focusing on making fresh meals.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to prepare your liver for a much needed break.
  • Add in fermented foods to start balancing good bacteria in your gut.
  • Put yourself in “chocolate jail”: if, like me, you have been overdosing on dark chocolate to fight snow-induced depression, it is time for a break. Dark chocolate is good for you…up to a point.
  • Nurture yourself. We are still in the part of the year when it is more about “hibernating” than crazy spring cleaning. Respect your body needs for sleep, naps, warm baths and introspection. You will get into spring stronger.
  • Start taking A-Game to gently but effectively nourish your cells and flush out toxins.

Bottom line: save your money for when your body gets on board with your mind. You cannot go against it; it will backfire every time !

And when you are ready for it, do it right…

Open letter – It’s Not About Raw Food

Since I started my company two years ago, spurred by my own healing journey and my desire to help others on the same path, I realized that my services appeared to be all about raw food, detox, and health.

And while I DO offer detox programs and raw food coaching (because it works), I need to come clean here and let you know that I really don’t care about what you had for dinner, and whether or not it should be raw, include kale, or contain heathy fats.

Because from my very personal experience, raw food, vegan, paleo, or macrobiotic can only take you so far. Yes, a raw food diet and a lot of juicing ended my diagnosis of Hashimoto and thyroid disease, and brought me back to a more vital life. But it didn’t cure me, or change the fact that I have a gene mutation that gives me a run for my money almost on a daily basis. There are still many bad days among the glorious days, beyond what I do or do not eat.

Most people who run into me and are familiar with what I do immediately feel like they should justify their food choices, tell me how good they were today with making their green juice, or are quick to hide the month supply of Diet Coke in their car.

So I want to set the record straight here: I don’t care about what you eat.

I’ve come to realize that the real success in my business has nothing to do with how many programs I sell and everything to do with how many people actually COMPLETE them and continue to thrive and change much past the end date.

I have turned down many potential clients because they were so intense and obsessed with the “perfect” way to eat, creating so much stress in their bodies and lives that they were unable to really open their mind to the other parts of thriving and living a life you love. Not to mention that it doesn’t make for a fun family member!

The truth is that what a person eats is not the only key to how happy they are. I have met many people following very strict diets that were probably the most unpleasant and rigid souls out there.

Yes, I promote raw food because it works, will simplify your life, and can help you reach your goals faster and with less effort, but another juice detox isn’t going to change your life if you have failed over and over to change your habits, patterns, or beliefs.
It comes down to self-sabotage and an unwillingness to change, pure and simple.

I know. The most frustrating part of my quest to better health has been the realization that there is a very strong part of me who does NOT want to heal, who is looking for drama, and who thinks that life is not worth living. She won’t let me BE. I’ve known this unconsciously for a while, but watching this documentary
really solidified the knowing in a very painful way.

Your body will always offer you a way out, or an excuse not to live your life to the fullest, if you are looking for one.

There are many layers to addictions, unhappiness, disease, or emotions. Although an important one, food is only one of them.

That’s why raw food is only a small part of my work now, and the French lifestyle has taken on a bigger role. Everything is energy, either something feels good and energizes you into action, or it feels bad and sucks the life out of you.

By connecting back to YOU and what makes you feel super delicious, while eliminating resistance at the same time, is where the gold is. This is how you will meet confidence, success, and power. The rest is just a journey. It’s up to you to take the decision to be vulnerable, to be yourself, and have the courage to keep looking deeper for answers. And to ask for help.

Treat Yourself To Your Own Water Bar

Enjoying the last dog days of summer, and taking advantage of the heat to sexy-fy those parched and over-ice-creamed bodies is the perfect antidote to the “back-to-school” nightmare. Scroll down for a quick how to make your own detox waters to indulge your body.

Personally, next week is my birthday so I refuse to do ANYTHING about school until the day before my kids go back to school next Tuesday.

And speaking about birthday, I am not one to get all depressed and sulking over yet one more year passing by. With all the health drama over the last few years, I am CELEBRATING the opportunity to bug the heck out of my family (especially my 10 year-old too cool for school boy) a little while longer. I celebrate me, my body, every lesson and breakthrough I go through, the feeling of pleasure and indulgence, the trust my clients put in me to guide them, AND every new song Maroon 5 releases.

So in celebration of my birthday, I am creating a very unique experience where we get to celebrate and pamper YOU! Look for the details in your inbox next week…

One great, easy, and tasty way to “detox” while not really trying is to guzzle up “detox waters” while the temperatures are still rising. And for those of you qualifying for the world’s worst water drinkers and soda addicts (you know who you are!), this is very doable.

How to get started with your “Water Bar”:

  • Gather, beg for, buy, or make large mason jars (by far the cheapest, sexiest, healthiest container there is)
  • Cut up universal detoxifiers (herbs, lemons, spices, watermelon, grapefruits, etc)
  • Get the cleanest water you can find (bottled water isn’t the best choice)
  • Combine and let infuse several hours
  • Drink it! Leaving the jars looking pretty by their lonesome self ain’t going to do it…

My Picks:

  • Grapefruit-mint water (to stimulate digestion and help with acid reflux and bloating)
  • Cucumber-lemon water (for vitamin C, anti-inflammation and to cleanse, alkalize, and aid with digestion)
  • Watermelon-basil water (to flush out toxins)

Juicing For Weight Loss

I just came back from a wonderful week in Arizona, where it felt more like summer than spring…Hot! Hot! Hot!

The weather of course, but also the 200+ women attending Kendall Summerhawk’s LEAP event. I am always amazed at the level of courage, power, and energy that they bring to the room. Quite a few entrepreneurs brought their daughters with them, to give them a taste of what drive, commitment, and passion can accomplish…I have a few years before I can bring my daughter along, but what an incredible way to show her what’s possible!

Now the first thing I do when traveling is figure out where to get green juices. Travels are notorious to make you feel “stuck up”, bloated, and tired. Green juices will solve all of those issues and much more.

Not to be overly dramatic here, but I feel that juicing saved my life. It is a big part of some cancer clinics protocols, so it is clearly an extraordinary tool to add to your life.


  • Fresh organic green juice is the equivalent of a nutrient-express train. Most of us have such impaired digestion and candida overgrowth in our gut that even with a “healthy” diet, most critical nutrients just don’t get absorbed. Juicing will deliver the nutrients straight into your bloodstream. Good to have on hand if you are not sure what your next meal will look like.
  • Provides you with a wider variety of vegetables, increasing the diversity of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you ingest. Let’s face it, most of us only consume the white life-less version of lettuce offered in salad bars, and broccoli. Beyond that, we miss out on all the great nutrients available in ALL of nature’s vegetable bounty.
  • Incredible health benefits. Green juices are highly alkalizing, improving your digestion, energy, and mental sharpness. And as mentioned above, heavy juicing is used as part of the healing protocol of several cancer clinics. You can read more about my visit at the cancer clinic Oasis Of Healing here.
  • Superior weight loss tool! It is my number one weapon for fat destruction! Seriously, if losing weight is your top priority, adding green juices will help you drop the pounds faster than anything else.
  • Finally, green juices help your body move out toxins. We are bombarded by toxins in our daily lives. These toxins affects our health, hormones, and fat cells. And it is not just about us grown ups. Studies are now showing hundreds of chemicals in the umbilical cords of babies.

It is becoming easier and easier to consume green juices nowadays, as more and more companies are providing them. I still recommend getting a juicer if you are serious about your health and weight, but you can at least try them out and see for yourself that they can taste good, be filling, and easy to grab on-the-go.

One word of caution as green juices spring everywhere around you: make sure the ingredients are organic, and that the first ingredient is NOT fruit, or it will contain too much sugar.

Now, because it is spring and most of you are already feeling the urge to spring cleanse your home and body, I created an easy but important guide around toxins in your home, kitchen, bathroom, and food, to help you lighten up your toxic load.

You can’t try to fix your health, hormones, weight, or anything else that needs “fixing” without understanding how much toxicity is in your life and body.

So take advantage of this free resource: The Reality Of Optimal Weight & Energy