Success Stories

“The French Meets Raw approach has changes my life in so many wonderful ways. I appreciate food so much more now: I take the time to slow down and enjoy what I’m eating, knowing that I know exactly what my body thrives on…no more deep-fried, partially hydrogenated, prepackaged, low-fat junk!

As a result, my skin is clearer, as is my thinking, and I have lost the many pounds I went on this adventure for. The greatest gift was learning to slow down and enjoy food, my body, and my life.

Nancy C., NYC

“I’m down almost 2 sizes in less than a month. Pants that left red welts just a month ago now have an inch or two of room in the waist. I wore JEANS the other day – I have not been able to fit into jeans since I was 2 months pregnant! It is such a good feeling to look at my pants and know they will feel comfortable. Not only did I lose 10 lbs doing your fall detox, my hormones are much better too! And I loved the food.”

Gretchen D., MA

“I want to say thank you, it was a great experience for me. I learned a lot from shopping for foods I never heard of, from learning important information from you, and I even enjoyed preparing/making the foods! :) I did have a lot of energy, felt full all of the time and even felt giddy. I will now be able to incorporate other healthy foods into my diet that I did not know about in the past. It was a very positive experience for me.”

Lisa C., MA.

“I am a 64 year old woman who has spent a lifetime trying to live a healthy lifestyle. There have been many changes over the years about what is good for us and what is not. This can be very frustrating. I have done well keeping up with what to do and not to do but putting it into practice (especially after menopause) hasn’t always been easy.

After meeting Anne and realizing how much knowledge (especially current knowledge) she has and knowing of her successes with others, I decided to sign up with her. I was surprised to see how much better I felt in a very short period of time. My energy level had been at an all time low and my digestive system was not working as well as it should. My goal was to lose weight, feel better and improve my overall health.

Anne has helped me reach my goals with a wonderful array of foods to select from, a supportive attitude, unending knowledge of dos and don’ts and pitfalls to avoid. I am so grateful to her for all her support.

Jean D., MA