“You must bring in pleasure, freedom, and fun to the experience to achieve lasting results and defeat self-sabotage.”


All programs incorporate the following elements, which I believe are the key to your ultimate transformation, and why my clients achieve lasting results:

  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to break through resistance and self-sabotaging patterns.
  • Food with a purpose: all recipes, meal plans, and superfoods are specifically chosen to unable you to perform at the highest level possible, while minimizing time in the kitchen.
  • The metabolic power of pleasure: your body and soul want to feel good. Tapping into the power of pleasure will get your body humming and thriving. The “how” and “when” you eat is just as important as the “what”. Time to put your “French” on!
  • Toxicity and the magic of raw food: you just cannot thrive, stay lean, and be a spitfire if you are loaded with toxic build up. Gotta clean up yesterday’s garbage before tackling today’s mess.
  • Passion, passion, passion! I will continuously bring you back to your passions and desires, to keep you fired up along the way.