The Lazy French 10-Day Reboot: Letting Go Of the

Weight With Pleasure And Playfulness.


Sexiness is not a number on the scale, or a dress size…it is a feeling that comes
mostly from confidence and playfulness. But it is hard to feel confident or sexy
when constantly, tired, and overweight.


What if you could (really!) enjoy losing weight and transforming your
body and life?


Let’s face it, most of us are lazy, which means that we are much more likely to quit before reaching our goals, because it takes “work”, requires “willpower”, and is “no fun”.


I get it. I’m French. I was born with lazy genes. But that doesn’t make me unmotivated, or uncommitted…


Just like you, I have a burning desire to be lean, vibrant, and radiate health, not to mention get rid of the “winter pounds”. So I made it simple for you!


This reboot teaches you everything you need to know to break free of the madness around weight loss information, has you eat and breathe like the French for 10 days (and keep the benefits for the rest of your life), tells you exactly what to eat for optimal results and minimal effort, and shows you how to let go of what’s holding you back, so you can blossom into that vibrant and magnetic version of you.



Does any of this sound familiar?


No matter what you’ve tried, you’re not happy with what you look like. You have a few extra pounds (or more!) you cannot seem to take off, regardless of what diet and exercise program you have suffered through.

You find yourself looking older, exhausted, un-sexy, or just plain unhealthy. Your outer self just isn’t matching your inner self (’cause inside, you totally feel like Elle McPherson!).


You struggle with mood swings and energy lows, turning you into one cranky witch!


You are plagued with digestive issues, brain fog, and low sex drive.


You have a case of the snack attack all day long and are perpetually hungry.


You feel like opportunities are passing you by because you lack energy, confidence, and stamina.


You are sick and tired of the old weight and body drama.



It is time to get your mojo back!

  • You get up in the morning without an alarm clock, and you look refreshed.
  • The weight is dropping off and your face is clearing up, looking younger.
  • You have sustained energy though out the day. Your mood is stable, you might even feel giddy.
  • Your digestive issues are long gone, your libido is revving up, and
    you can’t believe how wonderful you feel!
  • Your partner and friends can’t help but notice your “je ne sais quoi”.
    They want what you’ve got.
  • Time in the kitchen suddenly does not feel so dreadful and time consuming.
  • You can’t believe how loose your clothes have gotten.
  • You’ve whipped up three meals in 30 minutes; darn you’re good!
  • You don’t feel so lazy anymore…nothing will stop you now!

THIS can be your new reality…My goal for you is to “pleasure-up” your diet and life, while cleaning and de-cluttering your body and environment, with minimum effort and maximum simplicity.

What if taking care of YOU, and your body, was meant to be pleasurable and stress-free?



We start April 24, 2014. Early bird special of $97 will expire on April 18, 2014


On this plan:

You will eat (even chocolate)!

You will be introduced to juicing and the magic properties of raw food.

There are no supplements to buy.

It is designed to fit into your busy schedule.

You will learn the lifestyle secrets that keep the French healthy, lean, and sexy.

You get the foundation you need to transform your relationship with your body.

Why the Lazy French Reboot is different from other programs:

It is the only program that is designed to have you succeed for good. Although it is only 10 days, you learn the critical and scientific facts that are behind the French’s lean physiques, the basic slimming and energizing raw food principles, and benefit from hands-on tools to release all overwhelm and resistance right of the bat.



We start April 24, 2014. Early bird special of $97 will expire on April 18, 2014

Warning Label:

If you would rather give your right arm than stop counting calories, then this is not for you!

If you think that losing weight and changing your lifestyle has to be dreadful and painful in order to yield results, then please refrain from signing up.

Participants may experience deep transformations, and common side effects might include giddiness, renewed libido, incredible energy, and appreciation for their bodies.

If you are not ready to give your kitchen some lovin’, skip this!

You get the foundation you need to transform your relationship with your body.



We start April 24, 2014. Early bird special of $97 will expire on April 18, 2014