About Anne

I love to kick ass, either on the dance floor or in the kitchen. But that was not always the case.

If you are feeling frustrated and lost in your quest for health and happiness, I know the feeling.

After a ten year search for answers to debilitating issues ranging from chronic migraines, digestive problems, thyroid and autoimmune disease, to severe fatigue and depression, I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together when I realized that her body knew how to heal itself when nourished properly.

I love to live my life in the fast lane and have a passion for helping women rediscover the joys of having a powerful, vibrant, and thriving body and life.

Nothing else will do!

By incorporating nutritional cleansing, transformational coaching, and kick ass step-by-step protocols tailored to you and your personal goals, my magic is in opening your eyes to your own unlimited potential.

Born and raised in France, I now coach clients everywhere to create and achieve happy, sexy, and healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of denial and will power.


I. Kick. Ass.

I take no excuses, and no prisoner. YOU are in charge of your life, nobody else.

If you know you are ready to break through the reality of your life as you know it, then let me wake up your appetite for life (and libido!) and give you a taste of your own power. I see the potential in all my clients, even if they don’t see it yet.

I know what it feels like to feel fully alive and I will take you there. Your body is your gateway to unleashing your true potential, it is your unlimited source of power and performance.

My approach is very different from the traditional “calories-in-calories–out-and-move-your-ass” approach. Your body is designed to have fun, to thrive, and to power you up for your favorite races and tumbles with your kids. It is not meant to be resented, beat up, or starved to death. It has a brilliant intelligence, and my job is to open your eyes as to what will fuel it for peak performance, so you can fully participate in everything life has to offer.

I believe that you have to have a plan that fits into the context of your busy lifestyle, so rather than a temporary diet program, we work to cultivate and anchor new behaviors that last, so that your new healthy habits become natural, it becomes what you do on a daily basis, just like brushing your teeth.

The reason I get such amazing results is because I approach your relationship with your mind and your body in a very unique way: I blend the magic of raw food with the sensuality of the French lifestyle, tapping into the metabolic power of pleasure. The combination of the two is real dynamite when it comes to achieving fast and lasting results.

You are in for a deeply pleasurable and transformative experience!