Helping you let go of the weight and regain
your vitality with pleasure and playfulness

If you’ve spent most of your life on autopilot, buried under extra weight, stress and frustration, and suffering from processed food induced brain fog, it’s time to wake up!

Food is about passion, performance, and pleasure, not deprivation and will power. Tap into your body’s brilliance and discover the metabolic power of pleasure!

But first, let me ask you this:

  • Are you spending too much energy, money, and brain power getting on and off the
    diet roller coaster with no permanent results?
  • Are your cravings running (and ruining) your life, rending you powerless?
  • Do you follow all the “healthy” recommendations out there but still can’t shed the
    weight and ditch the lethargy permanently?
  • Do you struggle with nagging mood swings and energy lows, earning you the title
    of the crankiest witch in town?
  • Are you playing small and hiding out because you lost the confidence to pursue
    your dreams? Do you even have dreams anymore?
  • Have you just plain GIVEN UP?!!!

If the answer is YES to any of these, you are NOT living your life.

You have lost your spark and your power.

You are trapped in a body and life you resent.

You are lost in excuses: I don’t have the time, the discipline, or the money.

This is your wake-up call!

Life is meant to be happy, joyous, fun, and fully lived.

Life is NOT meant to be ongoing suffering, endless yo-yo dieting, and dying libido.

Make the decision to have a better, healthier and more satisfying life today!

It is YOUR call. Just say YES.

Why French lifestyle: The French don’t stay lean and vibrant because of red wine…they do because of HOW they eat and interact with food. And you don’t need to start cooking four-course meals to benefit from the metabolism-boosting French lifestyle. A few simple tweaks to your daily routine and eating patterns can yield incredible results.

Why Raw food: adding more raw foods into your diet gets you to a leaner and healthier body much faster and with less effort as they flood your body with nutrients, minerals and enzymes, helping you keep clean and healthy cells, remove waste, and strengthen your skin, nails, and hair. And every day is a race, so to win, your body needs and deserves the best fuel.

Why Letting go: To achieve any goals, you need action, not resistance. Letting go is the internal process that removes the resisting so you can see what you need to to. We all have something to let go of first before we can bring in new habits, be it unhealthy eating or relationships, negativity, guilt, shame, or stories and excuses we hang on to. Losing weight is about releasing and letting go, and it is not always just about the food itself.

You CAN do it!